SMC 102 LARGE MINE* HO scale

The Large Mine has fully detailed roads, rock outcroppings, retaining walls, mine shafts, and a spring pond. This casting was designed for a diorama or as a mini scene for your train layout. WT. 16 lbs. Size: 19 1/2" wide x13 1/2 deep x 11" tall


toney Mountain Classic Castings has achieved its goal in providing the finest quality and detail in all of its Mountain Scenes.

All of the Mountain Scenes have their own special character. All of these scenes have natural rock formations, rock outcroppings, stone and wooden retaining walls, roads, mine shafts, dams rivers, and cast in place culverts. We even offer cast-in junkpiles and vehicles! Our Mountain Scenes can be used in many different ways. Imagine them as a diorama or a mini scene that is added to a new or existing train layout.

These castings are hand cast using a blend of Hydrocal plaster and fiber reinforced in traditional methods. All castings are up to 1" thick and will vary due to detail. The castings accept almost all paints and stains. Please see your local hobby dealer for painting techniques and materials. "And please don't forget to have fun!"


The  Large Mine finished units are available as a Special Order on a Limited Basis. We also offer different themes.  Call for pricing and lead times.

SMC 102 LARGE MINE* HO scale
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  • Item #: SMC-102
  • Manufacturer: Stoney Mountain Classic Castings
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